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tv   Bangladesh Today  PBS  January 12, 2014 6:30pm-6:49pm PST

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versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network you and new guru . since and. the eye. apricots indeed when the violent contingent in action this week and is poised to form a government next week the other main political party the bnp which boycotted the election has nothing to tread into a cornell what a six under for the ticket bought these boots have representation in the tenth
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item and one still want to be in. it was seen as kevin and none in the opposition somewhat tarnished by the guidance and guidance. i was going right into it the isn't this the hard courts. the twenty one two hundred and fifteen. i did see lots more than one hundred and fifty one. my daughter. this means setting utility in the midst of the fourth dimension and all those included in this instance the scene. the fall vodafone has defaulted to spot the condiments to exist two thousand. i'm not. what
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was certain that she would do that instead of lettuce second consecutive time the only moments of need i'm not sure what to conclude that outlined the truth in order to harvest the door. i'm a bit of a good reason. stick to the bbc long. did i would enter the sport. to them. but in december to love. estimate the cost to the scene it's the most awesome of a thousand deaths. he was going to be walks and is continuing the funds. it's an awesome party that deal with the i've missed out on one of the opposition since nineteen one. west is defeated. it seems so what it's a good dent in this
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film brought to you to succeed that the devil on that soapbox toxic identity we will not be picked up by the students. the storm had she always needs to fight the election state interest and that its identity the government on its non participation. that is at an election was held at one minus one from the dow has come into effect but caught the eye is still not going to come to the negotiating team and put talked on the possibility election he's the one in the pot it's interesting that the defendant links and go home watch as it disappears it doesn't mean that today noted that portion of the unlisted missy on anything now. he participated
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in that form. i'm not the point if i didn't participate. wilson said the two were adults about twenty six elections. it still strikes. paul says the students. but there's a story. i'm off up the ministry. i will slap to share poorly. i would be shown. and then as much as i can do. but the team this fall. he lives now in the united game late in the state not by submitting connection. and it may become a follower. doherty is something for a sensationally typical of a feeding. his only book i warned them that line. the day and i were to
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happen to me as i was number two would have faced the station. then the team arsenal is upset that it has become. it's absurdly that each and every sunday. you have. the iraqi opposition by it seems that's all i can post committed to doing the concert. tom's been second to last about this. my how the scenes. the situation was far from improving the distribution in boston. i just needed to do. looking at the it still made that we are in the us and the that in the debate after the election the election has looked in the top of the demon that is all that well. distill it to
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me is ready to switch teams with that among the gum and go as it goes ahead it to the mission of involvement in the new parliament. though the dvd sitting in opposition will continue to do mind the visits nice enough to go into the van. i had affected all sections of society. what was going into the stands. sitting by the fees and strikes the garments. well it was cold i was with her daddy and a prince and interests activities the west did not
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and he screamed yes. nobody has concluded that eating and why not use one of the dod has gone up since and vomiting just twenty two in the new dawn of dawn to dusk i got to move through to adults. ceos of attacks on both. the production the statement said something to digest food and they weren't at all it took the offensive. the shipment to the activist got it into this time. so putting up a lot of footy of a problem see a photo of me. its use of aborted show what the most common probity of foot of a oh five and the ever brought gifts i know for the peace and love all of production is going don't give a good
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something to listen to him and tell us about this. some don't. the production wines the industry with issues that don't want that something is disputed election. i've been blessed from business and asked him to scorn that's about all i've got inside. that is. you can follow the extent of losing him. that meant and the fact. drop by as much as we could find. at a cost to what i'd do the gods are dead the best of the deadly with
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the bbc few of them up here though. of course you happen to have this kind of fittings because we all were south the audi bed with a call i'll invest in the cq going on with the thought of weekend in the gear lever divorce of time the ball to sell the use of that truck today. because c to forty years last you know. to being his confidence who stop to see dusty in the international market that here we are stronger beer you know what the best with their small the sun does that mean if we beat them is the best of the numbness what did we get people with elevators to go. we owe them accepting the armor. it does to you. this is done and dusted thousand and eight percent of the countries
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fall is extremely important that the department said the effectiveness of them but so far and representing identity on monday this week the and post election violence has not just one boundary these economically but also its oceans headache the attacks on hindu villagers by activists of the demonic factions hundreds have been displaced in who the indians. the plan one moment and it has been described as a consultant on it. that was installed to conclude that the incidents well it's about six hundred birds were displaced. i am this one to decide what to look for a roof over their
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head the second. next choose and the minute is among the things i can use to the peak the snow. so that is listed in the eyes of funneling his eminence the mountains and among others. that's why you do read them when it is not in danger. it's from the hindu is seen by the stunning mortgage association because their honor. they are not from the minute or two but there have been weakened that unity among the addition of violence is so stupid economy going spirit. and i teamed up with and those are presumed to be telling students that has been distributed to finally see young this year to the park next to that sum up the sky many because it is not me. i moved them on bnp has offered become tomas fits
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all goes under the links courses leading to the information that the above it forces the government army called in the secretive court says that predicting the governor the parties and the types of securities outgoing people and i proceed to the minute it to the simple gesture host a fun loving. it's a possibility of building a stake in haiti will stick in on that song. um well. only for them. murray acknowledged that she couldn't eat it. i'm gutted i saw the light energy is in the hands of obama that all been passed to knit more socks done actions. because the budget is not me don't let the slimy but given the opposites additional card and one. and the increase of more cuts did have a dependable color balance but because he ran into that song the photo i did the globe and has taken some steps we shouldn't all is good says golden goose and on and so they're thinking council
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needed to get used to top it off and tested in stonnington and i call on when deacon money. this is the only secret of course are going to force with force in the country which can look at the audience often using my ex. the and what god is good i was. it is. the exam will perform this feat was going to be identified close and set fire to it. i can do to improve that it is a bargain hunt. i don't want him slumped in the town of bogota i didn't offend god. that
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night. he's ninety one thing to my mental list of fourteen knots for the bargain hard you don't mind instead. to solve it he says of arson vandalism. that's the other teams who insisted the speedy type who is going to be addicted to blog about. you should have the political impulse is needed urgently she has seen damage to the point by putting time into the death knell each time probably to broker a peace indeed. miss holding the view for the week here that we can use non fiction this was nineteen with a nuclear test inmates in bond that these us senate at all but ten days has cruised into the casino and i've yet to discuss on with the issue that seems that's all. just when i can say. but many days that said men of the senate
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voted yes it's committee noted scientists to see casino and the btn course and i gussied up to me. poor countries including the united states the united kingdom i wanted to do but it's hard to find it so that's what a good five minutes into its waters leading us courts close to unite union said it was he who gets caught sixty two to three pounds. the marzipan into consideration the nationalist party said willis who had custody of the said she could be a sense of boxes in alliance with the jemaah islamiah. in an interview reported to police watch it despite having to live life to mock the sonata form an alliance. don't look
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john gustafson going to be elected going to be shot your physician can find them and that she wanted to see lightning connections watson. guess. what's what's not to post one dish at night the saudis are invited to give up on vivid for me when i'm going to have it. what
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needs to be maintained at all it's tied up with. and of god migrants in and asked me if i did think for themselves gonna start independent human rights commission said blight and crime against women in the august on a correct one that i became increasingly broke into cars and thirteen. we take a look the country's human rights commission standards and the fifth headline fine against them in concert on youtube for dalits and the team in the sink to in st ut. the story continues right after that aidan was ousted by needlessly when she poops in two thousand won. once i did as one of the objectives of the ward. on the ubuntu and getting ready quite a bit to head to toe coffee going out and watch them and wants to dump the squad to play mean that it is. this list which now seems some i still
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feel it's time to think you're going to the sheets and even into the week that a bit tatty teal for tax and been in custody he intensified. i think program is the bush to itt of the violence against women was with the shocking to see it and couldn't be cutting off the nose and lips off of a woman. and coating them from my safe and happy experience. greece is as shocking enough cuts. some expressed concern for the future health of condiment see that once someone had done to improve sites that are still concerns about what's been happening minus forty troops need it by dancing is the main panel estimates that in this country. before they air foreign troops in the fun the sun. dingle on a cut and d in their presence in a fun sun and my tx that they are leaving it to continue


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